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What is RuneScape gold?
RuneScape gold is the form of currency for both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. Without it, you cannot make any purchases that require gold or GP (gold pieces). This will highly restrict your ability to access new areas, complete quests, buy weapons and armour, runes, ammunition (such as cannonballs and arrows). Hence, RuneScape gold is of absolute paramount importance and that cannot be understated. Your ability to complete content and level up your skills will be highly diminished without sufficient RuneScape gold.

RuneScape gold is often easily achieved at higher levels, but it is still a grind. At lower levels, it is often far easier to merely buy gold. This is because you only have access to money-making methods that can only give around a few hundred thousand per hour in gold. Whereas, with one hour’s salary from real-life earnings, you can buy 10 million+ gold. It is merely an equation where you balance game time versus real-life time. This is because money-making methods do not award much experience, nor are they fun, and this is particularly true at lower levels. Even At higher levels, you will have goals to attain very expensive equipment, meaning the grind is still real.

Hence, many customers choose to buy gold whether they play RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape. Many other customers decide to sell gold when they quit the game, this is extremely logical as you might as well get a reward from quitting OSRS or RS3. Otherwise, that gold would be sitting idly in an account you’d never log into
How do I buy RuneScape gold and how do I buy OSRS gold?
Buying gold is simple, whether you choose RuneScape or Old School RuneScape. Simply use our websites, and ensure to select the correct page for buying either RS3 gold for OSRS gold. This is because RS3 gold is valued extremely different to OSRS, as 1M (one million) is worth far less than in OSRS. It is forced that way as the items in the economy are a lot more expensive compared to OSRS, low level armour costs millions, whereas it only costs hundreds of thousands in OSRS.

After having navigated to the correct page, we have online calculators that will allow you to see the exact prices for buying gold. You merely input the amount of gold you’d like to buy, this is done in quantities of millions. One billion is equivalent to 1000 million, as a reference. You will get the price instantly, and this price is the current rate confirmed and is updated many times throughout the day to reflect with the current market. We always aim to be cheaper than any of our competitors to provide you the best value.

After this, input your RSN (RuneScape name) exactly and confirm your order, and pay using your desired payment method. Using cryptocurrency can require a few minutes to verify due to blockchain confirmations. Trade with our live chat agent, who will ask you to confirm when you’re trading with him/her. If you have any questions during the process, do not hesitate to ask anything.
How does REEGP differentiate itself from other businesses?
REEGP differentiates itself by only ethically sourcing the gold it offers. We work carefully and handpick all of our suppliers that we choose to work with. One example of a check that we have in practice is the usage of IP checks. We will never trade with a customer that is masking their IP address, as they are likely on a VPN network. This means their account, when logged into RuneScape or OSRS, will be flagged for review of potential RWT. Consequently, this implicates our account for trading with them and this extends to you as the bottom line. Hence, you should always remain conscious about account safety - something we’ve never taken lightly from day one. By using nothing but the best industry standards, this is how we achieve some of the lowest ban rates, even at the expense of profits in many cases.

We also offer fun games for you to play, and constantly do awards and promotions to ensure that you are given the absolute best for choosing our company among hundreds of others.
What payment methods are available when using REEGP?
There are many payment methods available. We are constantly expanding our payment methods to incorporate more in order to cater to and serve more customers. Some examples of payment methods that we have include PayPal, Bitcoin, credit/debit card and many other cryptocurrencies. If you have any requests for a payment method that’s not listed on the checkout page - reach out to us.

That concludes our frequently asked questions. However, if you have any further questions - we’d be more than glad to assist you. Simply contact our free 24/7 live chat if you have any additional questions, and we will not hesitate to help you.